From our teaching staff – what to do before you start


You’ve applied, enrolled and now you have a few weeks up your sleeve until class commences. We asked our teaching staff what advice they’d give to their new students to make the most of this time so they’re primed for day one of their program. Read on for the three tips they shared with us.  


Sharpen your academic skills 

Academic skills are essential for all postgraduate studies and will help you unlock the full potential of your program. The weeks before classes start is the ideal time to sharpen your academic skills so you can confidently complete your upcoming coursework and get great academic results.  

You may need to look into academic skills if you: 

  • have never been to university before 
  • are more familiar with technical exercises and not written or research-based assignments  
  • haven't completed a higher education program in while.  

You may be tempted to wait until you’ve encountered your first assignment, but a little groundwork now will mean you'll save time later when the due date looms. Here are the skills we recommend to start looking into now: 

  • Critical reading 
  • Note taking 
  • Critical thinking  
  • Academic writing 
  • Referencing 
  • Effective collaboration 
  • Basic mathematics 

As a student at Griffith University, you have access to plenty of resources to help you hone the above skills. These include: 

  • Study Smart: Library resources for study and digital skills, research, assignment writing and referencing.  
  • SmartThinking: Complementary tutoring service (accessed via Learning@Griffith) to discuss your unique needs.  

Academic skills are highly transferable to the workplace, so once you master them, you’ll find many uses outside of the classroom. Don’t just take our word for it, they also align nicely with the World Economic Forum's top 10 job skills of tomorrow


Orientate yourself around Learning@Griffith 

Many of our new students face a common temptation: wait for week one before you log onto Learning@Griffith. These students then can lose a week or two trying to figure out the basics of the system instead of absorbing the course content.  

You will have access to Learning@Griffith from two weeks before classes start. Spend some time just clicking around and getting your bearings. If you get stuck, there is plenty of time to book a call with one of our Student Support Advisors who will be more than happy to help you.  

Here is a quick start guide you may find helpful.  


Start your coursework when it's time 

Many of our new students are eager to start consuming coursework ASAP. You will have access to Learning@Griffith from two weeks before teaching commences so from this point you will be free to start your readings and looking at coursework if you wish. 

While this may assist some students, our teaching staff reiterate that it’s also OK to take it easy. Each course has been carefully designed by our learning designers to take up to 25 hours a week, over a six-week timeframe. A slight head start on some of the readings may be helpful but your teaching staff will be there to cover off everything you need to do from on week one.    


The above three tips are just a few suggestions that you can take to prepare for the start of your program. Our teaching staff are looking forward to welcoming you on week one!