Online learning

At Griffith, we believe that you should enjoy the same high quality education no matter how you choose to study. That’s why we’re committed to giving you new and innovative ways to deepen your knowledge and broaden your horizons through online study.

The tools you need in one place

Our accelerated online programs are designed to fit around your life, so you can find that perfect balance between study, work and personal commitments.

Learning@Griffith, our online learning and teaching hub lets you access all course content and learning materials from anywhere you want to study. It contains all assessment information, lectures, digital readings, instructor details and online discussion forums. So you’ll find everything you need to complete your program without ever needing to visit a campus or assessment centre. We even include recordings of our live lectures, so you can catch up later if you can’t attend on a particular day.

Our digital world

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Connections to like-minded professionals

Embracing interactivity and fostering a sense of community lies at the heart of our online learning experience. That’s why we provide a rich digital environment that ensures you’re never learning alone and will have plenty of opportunities to network with a diverse range of experienced professionals across Australia, even though you’re not on campus.

You’ll participate in a virtual classroom during live lectures, which will allow you to ask questions and participate in class discussions. Plus, you can network on the student forums and through online group activities and assignments.

Support at every step

We encourage you to explore, but we don’t expect you to fend for yourself. That’s why you’ll be assigned your own student advisor who is there for you from the moment you enquire through to graduation. Your advisor will be available via phone, email and Skype for support and information on your program, as well as the services available to you, including career development, counselling and disability support.

The Accelerated Online Learning Experience @ Griffith

100% online

No matter where you are based in Australia, from Melbourne or Sydney to Canberra and Adelaide, our courses are 100% online so all learning materials and assessments are accessible wherever you choose to study.

24/7 technical support

From quick questions to detailed guidance, you can always rely on our round-the-clock technical assistance.

Accelerated learning

Our accelerated online programs are fast-tracked, so you study one course every six weeks to gain your qualification sooner.

Dedicated advisor

From your initial enquiry and application to graduation, we’ll support you with your own advisor for the whole journey.

Start straight away

With six intakes a year, you can virtually start whenever you’re ready.

Digital networking

Engage with a community of like-minded, experienced professionals in an interactive and collaborative digital learning environment.