Three emerging consumer trends every senior marketer needs to know right now

We clearly don’t need to spell it out, but thanks to technology, there’s a whole lot of change happening within almost every industry imaginable, and marketing is no exception. To help keep you up-to-date, here are three emerging consumer trends that every senior marketer needs to know:


1. Voice Search

Whether you call upon Siri, Alexa or Google to assist you, chances are you one of the 40% of adults who are using voice search to answer your queries. According to ComScore, this trend is only going to skyrocket, so there’s a few things you can do right now to ensure that Siri, Alexa or Google are quoting your brand as a source of truth for your target audience. This includes writing in a more conversational style so that you’re answering explicit questions rather than focusing on a keyword here or there.


2. Chatbots

Customer service can make or break your relationship with your consumers, so it’s not surprising that the use of artificially intelligent bots to communicate and solve basic customer queries is set to be the new norm by 2021. This trend will overtake reliance on SMS, Facebook Messenger and social media and ensures the provision of a faster, more convenient service for customers. Therefore, now is the time to start thinking about the specific goals that chatbots could help your business achieve and strategise how the automated responses can stay true to your brand, such as through the tone of voice they are programed to use.


3. User-generated content

When you consider that almost 64% of all consumers are more likely to make a purchase after reading an online review, then it isn’t a huge leap to understand why user generated content is the current buzzword in the marketing world. Authenticity is the name of the game and there’s no better way to ensure that you’re serving your customers with genuine, informative content than by allowing your own users or employees to become involved in content generation to humanise your brand, and allow for a deeper connection with your target audience.


To ensure you are poised to take advantage of the trends changing the marketing profession, make sure that you have the skills to put them into practice at your organisation, and more importantly help you achieve overall business goals. These skills include having an advanced understanding of consumer behaviour, strategic marketing and up-to-date digital and interactive marketing skills.

A great way to acquire these highly advanced marketing skills is to explore postgraduate study options such as a Graduate Certificate in Marketing or a Master of Marketing degree. If you think postgraduate study can take your marketing career further, talk to a Griffith University Enrolment Advisor today on 1300 390 171.