Why investing in postgraduate education is a smart move

Your investment in postgraduate education will pay dividends in more ways than one. The salary boost is an obvious inducement but your enrolment in this online program is smart for reasons beyond financial gain. You’ll also develop the type of thinking skills that will change your view of the world, influence your approach to your life and career, and capture the attention of potential employers. As far as investments in your future go, this is not one to second guess.

Postgraduate study pays

In monetary terms, you only need to look at the 2017 Graduate Outcomes Survey to see the vast difference in median full-time salaries between postgraduates and undergraduates: $81,000 for those who have completed postgraduate programs compared to $61,000 for undergraduates. Meanwhile, the median full-time salary for postgraduate research graduates is higher still at $87,800.

Employers will like the way you think

Your postgraduate studies will introduce you to ideas, thinking and skills that are not taught and shared at undergraduate level. As a result, your prospects will be enhanced, whether you’re seeking career progression or change. As Dr Sean Gallagher, founder and Executive Director of Northeastern University’s Centre for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy puts it:

“Employers are placing a growing emphasis on the critical thinking skills developed through postgraduate study”.

Let’s not forget that anyone who completes postgraduate studies online will also impress an employer as a determined, disciplined and well-organised individual, not to mention a highly intelligent one.

A new way of looking at the world

A larger salary and better job prospects might not have been your main motivations when enrolling in postgraduate studies. Perhaps you see your career as being more of a vocation, and you want to create new ways of thinking in your chosen field. Whatever it is that inspires you, going from undergraduate studies to postgraduate education is a valuable expansion on what you’ve previously learnt. Any educational program is of benefit, but if you want to start a mini-revolution in your own sphere of endeavour, through deeper and enlightened thinking, then your Business Administration postgraduate program is tailor-made for you to make that happen.

Every reason to feel relaxed

As you reflect on your decision to enrol in online postgraduate studies at Griffith University, you can feel confident that your program can help deliver your desired outcome. Statistics and popular opinion, as quoted above, should provide you with a good degree of assurance. Whether you want to advance your career or broaden your worldview, you can be sure your investment in postgraduate education, such as an online MBA or Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, is a smart one.

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