How networking with your peers can give you an edge

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Peer-to-peer networking in the online learning world will be a huge source of support and inspiration for you as a postgraduate student; it could also help you out in your current, or potential, workplace. Don’t be a wallflower. Get out there and work the room!

You’re all in the same boat

As you embark on your online studies, it’s only natural to wonder who else is on this journey with you. Your curiosity is shared by everyone else studying alongside you. You’ll also share anxieties, questions about coursework, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to succeed. Networking will give you, and your peers, the reassurance that you’re all in the same boat, as well as an opportunity to lend a hand and motivate each other as you progress. You can do this by being an active and regular member of a peer-to-peer network; in the case of online networking with Griffith, you can participate in online discussion boards on Blackboard, or have more informal social interactions on Yammer – a community platform for online students.


Why a study buddy could be a lifesaver

A study buddy should be a part of your network. They’ll not only bring encouragement and accountability to the table – as you’ll do for them – they’ll also provide different skills and perspectives, which can only widen your knowledge and increase your chances of success. A study in the Journal of Peer Learning showed that 23% more students passed after working with a study buddy than those who studied alone.


Charting a (career) course by networking

The fellow learners in your online MBA or Graduate Certificate in Business Administration study community can be of benefit well beyond your postgraduate program.  The connections you make during your online program could become long-term ones that may lead to future collaboration, partnerships, or job opportunities. In a LinkedIn article from 2016, Lou Adler, CEO of Performance-based Hiring Learning Systems, quoted a survey which states 85% of jobs are filled through networking. It’s clear that the networking you do now could potentially take you down a very lucrative and successful career path.

The benefits of connecting with your fellow students  can be applied in your current workplace as well. People  working in the same field, or even other industries, might share techniques and innovations that you could introduce to your place of work. Their real life experiences and the lessons they’ve learned could help shine the spotlight on you in your workplace and create opportunities for career progression.


As an online student coping with the demands of your degree as well as everyday life, a support network is vital. Peer-to-peer networking will give you that support, and the comforting knowledge that you are not alone in doing this. It could also pay dividends once you’ve completed your postgraduate studies.

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