Meet our MBA Program Director

MBA program director

Meet Stephanie Schleimer, Associate Professor in Strategy and MBA Director at Griffith Business School. Bringing her wealth of industry and academic experience to Griffith’s purpose driven MBA, Stephanie leads our team of industry experts, dedicated to ensuring the future of business is responsible and inclusive.  

Before joining the Griffith Business School, Stephanie worked as a Marketing Manager for BMW headquarters in Germany and later as a consultant for BMW’s knowledge management strategies. She has also acted as a consultant for several Australian government innovation clusters, owns her own fashion label and is a board member of the prestigious St. Hilda’s school on the Gold Coast.  

Read on to find out more about what Stephanie has to say about studying with Griffith University and what you can expect from our online MBA. 

Q: What makes the Griffith Business School unique? 

A: Griffith was the first university to have a school of environment, and everything came thereafter in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. Our online MBA is the flagship program of our core values: 

  • Responsible leadership: delivering the highest level of integrity and ethical behaviour. 
  • Sustainable business practices: focusing on the way businesses are acting and practicing.  
  • Global orientation: our MBA has an Asia Pacific focus. We believe as part of our program it is important to teach you how to become global innovationists. 

Q: What is the value in studying an MBA and if businesses are evolving by the day, how can an MBA keep pace? 

A: The MBA is still the highest regarded postgraduate business education across the world. No other master’s course enjoys this reputation. This is where our progressive value focus lies. In the Griffith MBA we aim at being a future-led program that provokes future-ready thinking and acting. 

Q: What would you say to those who are hesitating to do an online MBA because of the reduced networking opportunity?  

A: In the Griffith MBA, we are linking business leaders across the country and overseas and they enjoy a very tight networking community. We also offer a variety of networking events that our students and alumni enjoy irrespective of their location.  

Q: What are some of the career outcomes for students studying Griffith’s MBA? 

A: We have a lot of students coming to us saying that they come out [of the program] having a transformed mindset as to what their organisation is capable of, what they thought was important and most importantly what they thought mattered to themselves as a current and as future leaders.  

It is a good time to start studying with us, because [in the current climate] businesses going forward are going to have to ask things that they have never had to ask before. If you are not thinking and acting socially and environmentally responsible, your business is going to potentially have some big issues.  

We are excited about the opportunities that a learning path can bring for our students. We have a meaningful program that will really help you to be guided and inspired by what is to come and what you can be capable of leading.  


Want to find out more?

To hear more from Stephanie and have your chance to ask any questions you have about Griffith’s accelerated online MBA, keep an eye on the information webinar page to register for upcoming Online MBA Information Session or watch a previous session.  

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