MBA's are highly valued in not-for-profit organisations

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Think you have to choose between career progression and doing some good in the world? Not anymore.

With an MBA, you can make a real social impact – while also making a decent income.

A Master of Business Administration (MBA) opens doors for professionals looking to advance their career in just about any industry. But if you specifically want a job that makes a difference, an MBA can also prepare you for a leadership role in a not-for-profit (NFP) organisation.

Australia's Not-for-Profit Sector: Today and Tomorrow

The not-for-profit market in Australia is becoming increasingly saturated. There are currently more than 600,000 charitable organisations in the country competing for donor funds.

Add to this the funding competition from social enterprise and for-profit service providers, and our NFPs are in dire need of innovative ideas and competitive approaches to stay afloat.

An MBA is a highly valued qualification for not-for-profit organisations aiming to adapt to the competitive landscape and prepare for the future.

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There are plenty of job opportunities for professionals looking to enter the not-for-profit industry. Research shows not-for-profit organisations are major employers and major sources of employment growth across the globe, employing around 10% of the total workforce.

According to a study commissioned by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), the total number of paid employees in not-for-profit organisations in Australia grew by 4.4% from 2014 to 2016. The period also saw a 6.4% increase in charities operating with paid staff only.

What do NFP leaders look like?

Sure, not-for-profit leaders need to be passionate about their cause. They should be enthusiastic and inspired. But they also need to be strategic and creative with their problem solving, as they often work with limited resources compared to for-profit businesses.

Just like any business, NFPs have business plans, strategies, and targets to hit. It’s not enough to care greatly about the cause; NFP leaders need the knowledge and skills to fulfil high-level responsibilities and successfully run a business.

Are MBA graduates ready to lead not-for-profit organisations?

An online Griffith MBA teaches you everything you need to know about modern business, from responsible leadership and sustainable practices to developing a global perspective.

You’ll be equipped with expert knowledge in running a business and responding to constant changes in the business world – perfect for the growing NFP industry.

The skills you'll acquire from an MBA

A Griffith MBA covers all aspects of business to prepare you for a management role in any industry. The 12 courses covered in your online MBA include:

  • Sustainability: Adaptive Thinking
  • Marketing
  • Accounting: Integrated Reporting
  • People
  • Strategy
  • Finance
  • Leadership: Responsibility and Change
  • Data Analysis
  • Economics
  • Doing Business across Asia Pacific
  • Managerial Problem Solving
  • Innovation for Impact

MBA graduates can bring valuable insight to not-for-profits with a holistic understanding of the business landscape. And as the sector grows and changes, it requires leaders that can think creatively and strategically –having an MBA on your resume will only improve your appeal as a candidate.

Why MBAs and the Not-for-Profit sector go so well together

At the end of the day, not-for-profits are a business and no matter how great the cause, without basic business skills, a not-for-profit organisation won’t survive – especially in an increasingly competitive market.

When you combine the passion for a social or philanthropic cause with the knowledge and skills to run a business successfully, you get a professional NFP that can make an even bigger impact.

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