Introducing your Learning Management System


Your online studies wouldn’t be possible without a Learning Management System, (LMS). An LMS is essentially an online platform or website that houses all the content and resources you need to succeed, and at Griffith University we refer to ours as Learning@Griffith.

Learning@Griffith is your one stop portal for your daily study activities including attending or re-watching lectures, interacting with course conveners and peers in tutorials or online discussion boards, as well as where you will ultimately submit your assignments and participate in quizzes or tests.

Check out our online guide to getting started with Learning@Griffith so that you can work out how to navigate your online classroom.

When you’re ready to get started log into myGriffith with your Griffith University account details, which you will have created as you enrolled. Secondly, click on the link for Learning@Griffith.

Finally, make sure to reach out to your Student Support Advisor for any enquiries you have about getting started with Learning@Griffith.