Introducing New Online Teaching Courses for Griffith Staff

Professor enjoying online teaching resources

It’s a trend that continues to grow and isn’t going anywhere soon: online study. As more and more students turn to the screen to earn their degrees, it’s important for tertiary education institutions to adapt and keep up with their digital offerings. This entails equipping staff with the relevant skills via online teaching courses. 

Griffith Online recently released Teach Online, a series of three online units developed for Griffith University staff. These online teaching courses are designed to enhance the digital capabilities of lecturers and tutors, helping them explore and take full advantage of the opportunities that come with the latest technological innovations. 

With staff that know how to teach online to the best of their ability, we’re confident students are having an optimal learning experience.

More Than Online Teaching Courses

The three 1-week units in Teach Online are stacked with helpful online teaching tips. They also seize upon the concepts of mini learning units (aka micro-credentials) and digital badges. Staff who finish the online teaching courses receive a digital completion badge for their portfolio, verifying that they’ve learnt a variety of methods for using digital technology to assist and complement their teaching.

Professor and Academic Director Nick Barter
Professor and Academic Director Nick Barter

Griffith Online’s Academic Director, Professor Nick Barter, says they chose the online route for these courses because there are almost 2,000 staff to reach and face-to-face training would be impractical and ineffective.

“We also need staff to start thinking in smaller units of learning and to embrace the conceptual frames of digital certificates, and what better way than to use the medium as the message,” he explained.

“This is what we have done with our Teach Online units.”

Along with digital communication, course alignment and assessment, the units touch on broader topics such as universal design and active learning. 

Results So Far

Over 175 staff members have already engaged with these online teaching resources. The units are free for all Griffith staff and can be accessed at any time via the FutureLearn site, ensuring everyone has a chance to complete the course and join Griffith’s journey of digital change. 

The number of enrolments and completions should increase steadily as awareness spreads. 

You can learn more about Teach Online here.

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