How to evaluate the best online MBAs in Australia and globally

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The number of online MBA programs offered by top business schools around the globe continues to grow. Now more than ever, when it comes to online postgraduate study, your options are almost limitless.  

Having the flexibility to learn when it suits you, has become a vital component to students when looking for the right program. Particularly if you are working full time. This is one of the major reasons why online study has become more favourable over time. Another significant benefit that tends to be forgotten when considering online study is the ability to choose a provider you previously did not have access to. Online learning now gives you the chance to study an MBA with a university from literally anywhere in the world. 

Take advantage of not being tied to a physical location 

If you have made the decision to advance your career by studying an online MBA, the next step is to choose a provider. When considering where to study your online MBA, looking at education providers located near you may be your default go-to. However, now more than ever is the perfect time to take advantage of not being tied to one location.  

In the past, if you were not located in a major city and wanted to study an MBA with a top business school, you would have to relocate- costing you time and money. Online study removes this limitation. Now your only issue is choosing from the long list of providers. To help you decide where to study your online MBA consider the following benefits of studying with a provider located interstate, overseas, or locally. 


Networking is an important part of the MBA experience and if you live in a small town, your networking opportunities might be limited. You may want to work interstate later on in life, but you’re not ready to relocate yet, or you may be wanting to stay local but still want to make interstate connections for your business.  

Choosing an online education provider located interstate can help resolve this. It gives you the option to build these relationships in major cities, without leaving your home state. Peer-to-peer networking is a huge part of online learning and can be a great source of inspiration for you as a postgraduate student. The online alumni network is spread out across the globe, so you will have the opportunity to interact with prospective employers wherever they live, helping you build valuable contacts.  

This is beneficial in any situation, but particularly if you are living rurally because it means you can easily make connections with people who live in major cities, setting yourself up for future career prospects.  

Another benefit of studying with an interstate provider is the opportunity to be exposed to fresh perspectives and new markets. Each state has a different economy so will have a different approach and viewpoint in the content they provide. Located in Queensland, Griffith University is close to Asia, so it’s online MBA program incorporates content focusing on global orientated business, tourism and sustainable practices. Studying your MBA with a provider like Griffith will give you an outlook on global business markets that may be missed with MBA programs offered closer to home.  

Study abroad- online 

If you are living internationally and want to interact with learners from around the world without having to worry about the cost of relocating, an online degree is a welcome option. It gives you the opportunity to build a global network without changing your travel plans or having to worry about spending money on a student visa.  

Another advantage of choosing an international online campus is having the opportunity to experience another country’s education system, one that may be more aligned with your career goals. After doing some research, Adam Winter found that Griffith University’s online MBA in Australia had the best reputation for flexible learning.  

 “I used the specific teachings around mergers and acquisitions, strategy, and sustainability to land my most recent position at a large and rapidly expanding travel company in Canada," says Adam.  

Despite living in Canada and studying online in Australia, Adam was able to develop a close relationship with his lecturers and used the skills he learned to take the next step in his career.  

When choosing an international provider it is important you have a clear understanding of the program curriculum and topics, as some MBAs may primarily only reflect on the business environments they are situated in. For example, if you choose to study an MBA with a provider from the USA, the program may not cover topics relevant to the Australian business environment. When making a shortlist of universities to choose from, keep an eye out for MBA programs that include content from both a global and Australian perspective. 

Griffith Online MBA student Lloyd Eley-Smith was seeking hands-on global experience, and because of Griffith’s focus on global businesses, he was able to achieve this. As part of his online MBA, Lloyd was able to undertake the Asia-Pacific Tour elective, where he participated in a range of practical activities, broadening his understanding of local customs and culture.  

Keeping it local 

If you live in a major city in Australia, you may be lucky enough to be able to find a top business school right on your doorstep. This is a benefit if your career goals are home-based, meaning you are wanting to start a business in your home town or looking to join a local business.  

Picking an online program in your home state means you will be exposed to local expertise and experience. Griffith University’s online MBA is renowned for not only being responsible, ethical, and sustainable but also for the quality of it’s teaching staff. Griffith’s Tier One ranking in CEO Magazine’s 2020 Global Online MBA ranking reflects this. So if you live in Queensland, Griffith University is a viable option for your choice of online study destinations, because it means you will be learning from some of the state’s top business professionals, such as MBA Program Director Stephanie Schleimer. Prior to joining the Griffith Business School, Stephanie was a Marketing Manager for BMW headquarters in Germany and a Consultant for several Australian government innovation clusters, so has a wealth of both international and domestic industry experience.  

Choosing the right online destination 

There is a misconception that studying online at a local university gives you more access to services and teachers, however, this isn’t the case. All students, whether interstate or international, receive the same level of access to all the interactive learning and social networking tools that come with online study. However, if you want a greater understanding of your home-states business market, then keeping it local may benefit you.  

When choosing where to study your online MBA, it is important to think about what you value most from your learning experience and what provider will help you achieve your goals. Identifying the different benefits of studying an online MBA interstate, overseas or locally will give you more of an idea of what it is you want to achieve from your degree.   

Griffith’s accelerated online MBA is available to domestic and international students, so whether you are living interstate or overseas, our accelerated online MBA program could be exactly what you are looking for. Need help deciding? Our enrolment advisors are here to help you set out the right path for your academic and career goals. Call us on 1300 737 945  or book a call today.  

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