How to master accelerated learning from day one

You deserve a big congratulations. Not only is your decision to pursue a postgraduate MBA or Graduate Certificate in Business Administration no small feat, you’re also aiming to achieve it at an accelerated pace online with Griffith University.

To help you ease into this pace of study, here are three noteworthy tips that will help you find your feet from day one.


Get set for success in accelerated learning

Have you ever wondered what the “set” from the saying “ready, set, go!” stands for? In the context of your online studies, it means that before jumping into your studies on day one, there’s a few things you can do to help prepare you for success, rather than leave you catching up in your first week.

As a student, you will gain access to your course site two weeks before the start date, which gives you the advantage of being able to explore the structure of your course and make sure you’ve got all the teaching materials you need on hand from day one. This is also where you can find out exactly what technology resources you might need to participate in lectures, online discussions, submit assignments and access research.

For example, it would be beneficial to know your video conferencing setup works before a scheduled appointment or webinar. Read the online IT requirements webpage for more information.


Road test your accelerated study schedule

If you feel a little out of your comfort zone in the first week, be assured that this is completely normal. That’s because you’ll be navigating new systems, familiarising yourself with you course convener during lectures and tutorials as well as meeting your peers, and quite possibly even completing and assessment or quiz.

That’s a lot to contend with in your first week, but if you use this week to road test your study schedule, you give yourself the opportunity to quickly ascertain whether you’ve struck the right balance between your study, work and personal commitments.


Remind yourself of the bigger picture

The key to success in online accelerated learning with Griffith is to keep your goals in sight. Why did you decide to pursue postgraduate study in the first place? What made you decide that this qualification is an investment worth making? Whether you’re driven by a salary boost, a new career or you need to formalise your skills, be comforted by the fact that postgraduate study has been linked to helping thousands of people just like you to get closer to realising these very same dreams. Hold on to what matters most and it will help you to achieve your goals.

By taking this advice on board, you’re placing yourself in the best possible position for mastering your studies. However, remember you’re never alone. Your dedicated Student Support Advisor, is there to help you across the finish line. They’ve worked with countless students just like you and have the expertise to guide you in the right direction, no matter what your dilemma.

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