How to Network During an Online MBA

Networking online

Networking remains a key component when choosing to undertake an MBA. In today’s environment it can be difficult for students to build natural bonds with others when there is a screen involved. However, this online shift has created an opportunity to elevate communication and learn how to coach, mentor and collaborate in any setting. Griffith University’s online MBA program is a great opportunity for you to refine your online communication tactics and networking practices while developing your leadership skills. Read on to learn how you can  effectively network in an online environment.


Why networking remains important for growth

Professional success is largely attributed to the information, support and connections that have been built and shared over a long-term period. Without a collective effort, the ability to expand into new jobs can be somewhat limited. As stated in Forbes, business-minded individuals who have networked over time are able to move up the ranks with minimal effort, largely thanks to the social avenues they have created. Sustained networking can improve your job security and provide insight into how others establish themselves in a business environment.


Maintain a social presence

Individuals that remain active on social platforms have greater leverage in increasing their visibility and ability to connect with like-minded peers. A space is created for conversation and mutual following by showing interest in the ideas of others and sharing personal capabilities and expertise. This engagement can eventually turn into a career opportunity and a deeper sharing of ideas.

Creating an online presence that showcases your personal goals and hands-on experience can help build traction for corporate networking. Social platforms such as LinkedIn provide students with the opportunity to connect with members and peers in a corporate space. An impactful online presence can also capture the attention of potential future employers.

Throughout the duration of an online MBA, we recommend following Griffith University’s social platforms. It’s a easy way to stay updated on upcoming virtual events and connect with other students from different study areas. Online groups provide a great opportunity to connect with both students, lecturers and alumni that may have experience working in a similar field, which can help you advance your career once you’ve graduated.


Engage in online classroom sessions

The shift in remote working has created an environment that relies heavily on purposeful engagement and mutual understanding. The skills developed communicating online can also assist doing business in a physical environment. Tactics such as keeping visibly engaged, maintaining eye contact and providing verbal and non-verbal feedback can create a more natural flow of conversation either online or in person.

Communicating virtually can also be viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and personal strengths with others. A strong rapport can be built by speaking openly and consistently within a group setting. Some may find video conferences intimidating at first, so utilising other messaging channels is a positive avenue to start. Utilising programs such as Teams gives students a more casual environment to connect throughout the day and speak beyond work or school related matters.


Attend offline networking events

Alumni events are held to promote professional or corporate development opportunities, and allow students to connect with like-minded individuals. These events are beneficial as attendees are provided with access to relevant business trends, as well as having the opportunity to grow their network. Students can access further corporate networking opportunities and a broader perspective on their future path through this increased exposure to workshops or seminars.


Initiate meetups outside the classroom

Maintaining a balance between employment and study can, at times, seem challenging. There are many ways, however, to manage a heavy workload and build a long-term networking circle. When there is a moment to take a break, take the initiative to form a study group. The support given within an informal study session can be a great opportunity to connect on a regular basis and develop relationships.

It’s essential to take advantage of networking opportunities both outside and within the virtual classroom. By communicating in a group, one on one or at a formal networking event, you can develop your knowledge in other areas and expand future networking opportunities.


Gain the skills for effective communication  

Griffith University’s accelerated online Master of Business Administration program offers a unique opportunity for students to network while studying in a virtual space. Students will have the ability to gain a well-rounded skill set in communication that can be used in leadership positions and to enrich existing relationships. Designed for eager professionals looking to broaden their career opportunities, our online learning environment provides the flexibility to strengthen your leadership skills whilst still enjoying peer-to-peer interaction. 


To learn more about Griffith University’s online Master of Business Administration, call us on 1300 737 945 or book a call with an advisor who can explain all of the various networking opportunities and benefits to this program.

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