How an MBA Can Grow Your Leadership Skills and Qualities

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Effective business leaders aren’t born – real leadership skills come from experience and a commitment to learning. While some people are naturally gifted with certain traits that make them better suited to managerial roles, everyone has the potential to become a great leader. If you’re not sure how to develop leadership skills, completing an MBA degree offers a practical solution to developing the essential qualities for advancement opportunities. 

These are the techniques Griffith University’s online accelerated Master of Business Administration employs to strengthen graduates’ leadership potential.

Improves Communication Through Collaborative Learning 

An educational approach that involves students working together, collaborative learning is a crucial component of the MBA. It can develop practical leadership skills by teaching students personal skills such as how to cooperate with their peers and manage teams, allowing them to establish trust through transparent communication and strong company culture.  

A Stanford University study found that people working collaboratively spent 64% longer on solving problems than those working individually. It also showcased higher levels of engagement and success and lower levels of fatigue in collaborative environments. By demonstrating the value of effective communication, completing an MBA will help you become a collaborative leader.

Griffith University’s MBA program fosters ongoing collaboration between students online and in-person, so you can establish a network of likeminded professionals while studying.

Considers Modern Business Challenges   

Having the confidence to effectively manage people without micromanaging them is a crucial aspect of MBA leadership. In a Harvard Business Review study of 195 senior managers across 15 countries, “providing clear direction while allowing employees to organise their own time and work” was identified as one of the most important leadership competencies. 

An MBA develops this ability by examining the social and ethical considerations that are integral to effectively managing people in modern workplaces. You’ll learn how to hold yourself accountable for the impact leaders can have on workplace culture and techniques for leading organisations through complex challenges.

Focuses on Organisational Change 

The business sector is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, but there are ways to avoid being left behind. MBAs highlight the importance of dealing with change in the workplace, providing aspiring leaders with an understanding of new approaches to financial performance and social impact during periods of disruption. 

McKinsey estimates that 70% of change programs fail to achieve their objectives due to employee resistance. Through treating the ability to navigate organisational change as a core leadership skill, an MBA can develop your responsible leadership and change-management skills. Considering the current failure rate of change programs, being able to offer effective change-management strategies will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Prioritises Problem Solving 

Being unable to demonstrate problem-solving skills will leave you with less room to grow in your career. In a poll of company recruiters undertaken by the Financial Times, the ability to solve complex problems consistently ranked among the five most important skills for MBA graduates. The demand for problem-solving skills extends far beyond the business sector. The World Economic Forum predicts that 36% of all professions across all industries will require workers with complex problem solving skills by 2020.

As a core component of the online MBA offered by Griffith University’s business school, problem solving is one of the key competencies you’ll be able to offer upon graduating. Our program takes a practical approach to managerial problem solving and business plan formulation by walking students through different approaches to managing common issues faced by modern managers. 

Griffith University’s accelerated online Master of Business Administration concentrates on teaching future-proof leadership qualities in the context of modern business practice. Designed especially for ambitious professionals aiming to broaden their career development and opportunities, its flexible online delivery lets you strengthen your leadership skills while balancing your studies with your career.

For those who don’t hold a bachelor’s degree, our 100% online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration acts as a springboard into our Master of Business Administration, allowing for a seamless transition.

Download the brochure to learn more about our MBA program today.

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