How to convince your employer to invest in your MBA

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Enhancing your professional knowledge and skills with an MBA is well regarded as one of the ultimate ways to invest in yourself, personally and professionally. But there’s another party that stands to benefit considerably from your vastly improved position in the workplace – your employer.

This article is designed to help you pinpoint exactly what those benefits are and develop a plan on how to convince your employer to invest in your Griffith MBA.

Step 1 - Investigate

Start by doing your homework. Chances are your employer already supports professional development, whether it’s through a formal training policy or informally on a case-by-case basis.

Jump on your intranet, meet with HR or speak to colleagues to find existing policies and practices.

Hot Tip: If there’s no formal support, don’t despair. Talk to Finance to see if your company qualifies for tax deductions for reimbursing job-specific self-study.

Step 2 – Pitch

This step is the most important and it’s focused on demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) for your employer. You will need to position the MBA as a mutually beneficial investment.

a. Start with the basics: be prepared to tell them you want to study an online MBA with Griffith University, why you want to study and when you are planning to start.

b. Get specific: Focus on what it is about the Griffith MBA that makes it a worthwhile investment for you, and by proxy for your employer.

Benefit Details

Griffith’s MBA Job specific skills

Link the skills you’ll gain during your MBA (see below) with key aspects of your current role or the contribution you want to make at your workplace:

  • Use critical judgement to make socially responsible and sustainability-based business decisions.
  • Synthesise market intel to formulate innovative, creative and entrepreneurial solutions to problems that tap into customer value.
  • Skills to work with people from different cultural backgrounds including First Australians and non-Australian citizens by using your specialised and nuanced understanding.
  • Persuasively and clearly communicate complex ideas verbally, in writing and digitally.
  • Plan and execute independent and substantial business research.

Why a Griffith MBA stands out

An MBA for Good

  • Griffith’s MBA is recognised as #1 in Asia-Pacific and #4 in the world for ethical and sustainable business education *Better World MBA Ranking 2019 Corporate Knights.
  • The Business School was also a finalist in the 2019 Green Gown awards that recognise institutions that champion best practice sustainability.
  • By studying this specific MBA, you stand to improve the world around you and can be armed with the power to help your employer trade sustainably and responsibly.

Griffith is amongst the best in business

  • Griffith’s MBA is #4 in Australia and #16 in the world** and most importantly, it can guarantee a strong ROI. Griffith ranks 2nd in Australia for alumni satisfaction, outcomes and value for money***. **CEO mag ranking for 2020 ***AFR 2019

Meet the right people

  • Allow you to connect with an inspiring community of passionate business leaders through face-to-face events around Australia and cutting-edge online collaboration. You’ll benefit from discovering how graduates from this MBA have reduced their footprint, weathered major disruptions and enjoyed business success.

Accelerated Online Structure – Flexible Online Learning

  • Accelerated online MBA is broken up into 12, six week blocks.
  • This innovative program structure allows you to deep dive into a single domain at a time and master a new skill every six weeks.
  • The benefit of these shorter learning blocks is that you can implement your new skills immediately at work and minimise the multitasking associated with studying more than one subject at a time (which is what’s expected at other universities/providers).

Authentic Assessments/Applied Learning

  • In some courses you will be able to base your assessments on an organisation of your choice.
  • This means that by using your employer or a workplace problem you will be able to apply what you learn to your job immediately.
  • It makes that course as win-win for both of you.

A transformed learning experience

  • Griffith’s accelerated online MBA was designed digital-first with market leading technology, learning methodologies and assessments. Our courses are 100% online, so all learning materials and assessments are accessible wherever you choose to study.
  • Digital networking has also been built into the program with many opportunities to engage with a community of like-minded professionals in an interactive and collaborative digital learning environment.

Mixed payment options

  • Your employer also has the option to sponsor (pay for) half of the MBA program, which is a great compromise if they’re not able to fund it all.

Let Griffith do the talking

  • Don’t just tell your employer about why you’re choosing Griffith, show them this great video featuring MBA Director Stephanie Schliemer who highlights what makes the Griffith MBA standout from other traditional MBA options.

Improvement in the workplace

  • Increased motivation, efficiency, loyalty, and leadership skills.
  • Your MBA education will also help you articulate your professional identity and have an elevated self-awareness.

Smarter to invest in current employees than re-hire.

Reinforce your personal value to the organisation and that it’s more cost-effective to invest in you rather than hiring someone new for the same role

Step 3: Anticipate

Handle objections by putting yourself in your manager’s shoes and be prepared to alleviate common concerns such as:

  • No budget: Course may be tax deductible (check with Finance first) and there are also mixed payment options to sponsor 50% or 100% of your program.
  • Disruption: 100% online accelerated learning designed to fit around your work commitments (see Why a Griffith MBA stands out section in the table above for more information).

Step 4: Don’t give up!

If all else fails and it simply isn’t practical for your company to support your study now, stay positive and look to revisit the conversation later. You also have the option of deferring 100% of your tuition fees through FEE-Help. Find out more about FEE-Help here.

Hot Tip: Speak to your own accountant. Self-study can qualify as a personal income tax deduction if your course is job-relevant.

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