Griffith welcomes new online MBA course Director

Griffith has appointed a new Director to take the reins of its highly regarded MBA program.

Associate Professor Chris Fleming, who has taken on the role as MBA Director, says that the values upon which the Griffith Business School was founded have stood strong amidst global upheaval, and have cemented the program as highly relevant for its time.


Sustainable business remains a key focus for online MBA course Director

“Around the world there was widespread dissatisfaction, often led by students, with how business schools were run after the GFC,” Associate Professor Fleming says.

“A genuine demand for a shift in the focus of business schools emerged, where a responsible, holistic approach to business and business thinking was now a priority,” he says.


Associate Professor Chris Fleming


Associate Professor Fleming said that such demands manifested themselves through movements such as ‘Occupy Wall Street’.

“Gordon Gecko’s ‘greed is good’ mantra was consigned to the trash heap. Business schools couldn’t ignore it anymore,” he says.

The three core values upon which the Griffith MBA are based - responsible leadership, sustainable business practice, and a global orientation with an Asia Pacific focus - reflect this renewed social spirit.

“We infuse our business leaders with these values, which are integrated through all of the MBA courses from sustainability to economics,” Chris Fleming says. “Our MBA is driven by these values and the values of the academic staff teaching into it.

These values are up front and central to every discussion with every student.” These values have continued to be at the core of the MBA, and have remained a constant as the structure of the program has changed to adapt to the digital revolution. These changes have seen Griffith University expand their online study offerings, in response to the needs of a global modern student community.

“Digital education is both the biggest opportunity and the biggest challenge going forward,” Chris Fleming, an applied micro-economist, says.

These changes heralded the way for a sophisticated new online MBA program, allowing students to study when and where they wanted.

“As our program evolves in step with the demands of digital education during the decade ahead, I expect the MBA experience for Griffith students to continue to improve, keeping the Griffith MBA ahead of the pack,” Associate Professor Fleming says.

High Ranking

The Griffith MBA has distinguished itself in a variety of ways over the course of the past two years. This is evident through a diverse array of achievements.

The program ranks in Australia’s top 5 in both the CEO Magazine MBA Rankings for 2016 and, ranked in the Australian Financial Review BOSS Magazine MBA survey for 2015, and was shortlisted for the inaugural Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards last year.

Further to this, in 2013 the program was awarded a Green Gown Award, and was the first Australian MBA program to offset the effect of its greenhouse gas emissions.

“Business leaders have a responsibility to not only look after the balance sheet and their shareholders, but also to look after the planet and the community where they live and operate,” Associate Professor Fleming says.

Associate Professor Fleming reinforced the benefits of the online MBA which provides increased access to the program for prospective students across the globe.

"Because of its heritage, Griffith University is ideally placed to continue to deliver the best MBA in the country. And with our new online model, there is no reason why someone in Asia, Europe or Africa cannot do an MBA at Griffith”.

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