Push for Deeper Alumni Links by New Griffith Law School Dean

Building deeper, more enduring connections with alumni of Griffith Law School is a key aim of the faculty’s incoming Dean and Head of School, Associate Professor Therese Wilson.

Outlining her mission, Associate Professor Wilson stated “I want to work more closely with our graduates to help them stay better connected and to provide more remarkable professional engagement opportunities for our students’’.

She continued by reflecting on her own experience in the faculty – “I have been privileged over my 18 years at Griffith Law School to build strong relationships with many of our amazing alumni. I want to reach out to even more, as they are all so keen to be involved and support our current students”.

Another goal Associate Professor Wilson hopes to achieve is ensuring that Griffith Law School staff also feel supported in not only delivering a high-quality learning experience for all students, but also in undertaking impactful research on real world issues.

“It has always been our point of difference at Griffith Law School that we take teaching very seriously and make ourselves available to our students. We need to maintain that legacy while improving course delivery through innovation.”

With her extensive teaching and research expertise in the areas of corporate law, banking and finance law, consumer law and international arbitration, Associate Professor Wilson wrote her PhD thesis on “Regulating to Facilitate Access to Safe and Affordable Credit for Low Income Australians”.

Her distinguished extra-curricular career includes serving as Chair of the board of Foresters Community Finance Limited and as Chair of the Australian Financial Inclusion Network. Since 2003 Associate Professor Wilson has also coached Griffith Law School’s Vis international commercial arbitration moot team.

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