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How are you feeling about your upcoming MBA or Graduate Certificate in Business Administration program? Calm and confident, based on your previous experience and success as a student? Or are you feeling worried because you haven’t studied in a while? Getting organised could be the key to making sure you are getting off on the right foot. To keep up with the pace of accelerated online study we recommend some pre-study groundwork.

Solid preparation will see you begin your first online course with a clear idea of what to expect from the program, and what is expected from you in return. You’ll have all the study materials you require, your family and friends will be on board with what you’re doing, and you’ll know where to go for invaluable resources and advice. By putting these things in place now, you’re getting organised for study success.

Reacquaint yourself with your online course

Sure, you know what you’re studying, but how well do you know the program outline? Take another look at what is coming up in this six-week course. This will help you demystify the program and break it down into manageable steps.

Schedule all of your online study commitments 

While you’re reacquainting yourself with the program outline,  ensure that it will fit comfortably into your study schedule. Your schedule should accommodate your course yet still leave you enough time for your work, family and friends.  Knowing your study schedule is manageable and that there are no surprises within the course will make you feel more comfortable about the next few weeks. Check out Griffith’s Study Time Planner tool to create a personalised online learning and study schedule.

Take advantage of all the online study resources

The Study Time Planner tool is just one of the helpful resources on offer. As is typical of any Griffith University online program for postgraduate students, a wide range of tools and support services are at your disposal. This includes Blackboard, the online learning and teaching hub, where you can access all course content and learning materials, one-to-one student support, 24/7 technical support and digital networking opportunities.

It would be wise to get full value from these resources, so as part of your preparation, explore everything we offer to make your academic life easier.

Get your people on side

Chances are that you aren’t the only one that’s invested in your postgraduate study success. There will be people in your network who are also in your corner. Use that knowledge to establish an accountability network of friends, family and colleagues before your first course begins. If you ever question why you enrolled in the first place, you can lean on this network to motivate and inspire you, and give you a renewed sense of purpose.

At the same time, gently remind them of your need for time, space and encouragement as you progress through each six-week block. Tell them now as part of your planning process.

Another helpful contact

As well as the people within your accountability network, there’s another important person to contact; your Student Support Advisor. Why wait until your degree is nearly complete to benefit from their experience, knowledge and guidance? Your Student Support Advisor will help you create a tailored study plan, ensuring your preparation is thorough and that you’ve considered all the variables for study success.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch and tell them you’d appreciate their input while you’re getting organised for study success.

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