Enhance your career in business with an MBA degree

Griffith University Master of Business Administration Student

A Master of Business Administration is an investment in your future professional development. An MBA will not only just enhance your business perspectives, but also allow you to gain an expert view on the biggest challenges facing businesses today. These learnings will equip you with the skills required to stay relevant and be confident in responding to constant changes in the fast-paced business world.  

Griffith University’s 100% online MBA has been designed for conscious and progressive managers looking to navigate the business challenges of the twenty-first century. Covering the core units of a traditional MBA, Griffith broadens the focus to provide students with a modern business toolkit.  

The internationally accredited Griffith Business School delivers an accelerated online MBA like no other, offering students the skills required to progress beyond this new business climate. 

With increased importance on teaching sustainable business practices, this program covers social responsibility, economic and environmental sustainability. Built on real-world cases, the MBA examines how to implement responsible leadership within the context of the broader Asia-Pacific market. 

What happens after studying an MBA? 

MBA’s are very dynamic, with their learnings able to be applied to a variety of careers and within a range of industries, such as:  

  • Sales 
  • Business development 
  • Finance 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Marketing 
  • Small business ownership 
  • Technology 

Regardless of your chosen industry, an MBA will enhance and formalise your existing skills and knowledge, allowing you to reach your professional ambitions. Discover how an MBA can change your career track.  

Increase your earning potential and fast-track promotions 

An MBA enables students to gain deeper, up-to-date business expertise, helping to increase their earning potential and go after promotions into higher positions. According to a study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), nearly 9 in 10 employers believe the value of graduate business education is ‘very high’ or ‘above average’. If you are pursuing strategic career progression, a master’s degree will highlight to employers that you are ready and able to take on more responsibility and step into higher leadership positions.  

“I have a demanding role at work and time is limited. The Griffith MBA offers me a lot of flexibility to do lectures, group sessions, readings and study.” Tim, Griffith MBA graduate

Tim leveraged his MBA learnings to help him earn a promotion and move into more senior positions. He has continued climbing in the corporate world and has had a fulfilling career as a senior business manager at top global companies.  

Make a career change 

If you have an industry-specific qualification, an MBA can broaden your knowledge, giving you the ability to make a sideways career shift and pursue a career that you are really passionate about.  In a corporate recruiting survey, conducted in 2019, 7 out of 10 companies in the Asia-Pacific markets said they look for MBA graduates when hiring as it demonstrates a wide-ranging business knowledge.  

“Griffith MBA opened my eyes, as there are so many opportunities to get involved in something that isn’t just your day job.” Retha Du Plessis, Griffith MBA graduate  

Following her MBA, Retha made a complete career shift from her role in human resources and began working in the not-for-profit sector, assisting with a major restructuring of the company. She realised that she could work for a company where she is passionate about the industry while utilising the skills learned throughout the program. 

Start your own business 

If you are looking to take the next step and start or grow your own small business, postgraduate study will give you the foundational skills you need to start, from finance and goal setting to managing people.  

Griffith’s accelerated online MBA has been carefully developed to shape the next generation of thoughtful and purpose-driven leaders and owners. The values, topics and information covered in the program are truly applicable to organisations of all sizes across the globe, providing business owners with the essential tools needed when growing their own business.  

Your next career move 

Studying Griffith’s accelerated online MBA provides you with the flexibility to complete your studies at your own pace, giving you the time to also focus on other commitments like full-time work and family. With the support of like-minded professionals in an interactive digital learning environment, our online MBA lets you develop your skills in your own time.  

Find out more about what an accelerated online MBA can do for your career in business by speaking to one of our expert advisor’s today

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