The benefits of an MBA degree

With a growing focus on sustainable business practices, companies are searching for responsible and effective leaders. Completing Griffith’s 100% online MBA is a strong first step to becoming one of these leaders – developing your strategic skill set and preparing you for management roles in all industries.


Why do an MBA degree?

Whether you’re looking to upskill or even start your own business, the opportunities presented by completing an MBA degree are extensive. According to a study conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), nearly 9 in 10 employers believe the value of graduate business education is very high or above average.

The study also indicated that 78% of employers plan to hire recent MBA graduates in 2019.


MBA career paths

As well as being a highly valued qualification, an MBA can equip you to fulfil high-level responsibilities and successfully lead businesses into the future.

With the benefits listed above, MBA job opportunities come in a range of forms. That’s why we’ve put together the infographic below to take you through 5 MBA career paths you could follow after completing an MBA degree.

So, where could an MBA take you?



High-paying positions

The right managers can transform a business. That’s why these roles often offer high salaries. In fact, the median full-time salary for a business and management postgraduate is $108,000. (That’s the second-highest field, just shy of dentistry at $109,600.)1


New industries

If you have industry-specific experience and qualifications, changing into a completely new industry can be tricky. However, jobs for MBA graduates offer diversity and can give you the edge you need to change your career path.

In fact, 39% of graduate business school alumni currently work in an industry they never considered before their MBA.2

While studying your MBA, you’ll:

  • Develop skillsets relevant to all industries
  • Learn from educators with a range of experience
  • Complete coursework exploring diverse business problems
  • Network with other professionals in different industries.


Higher-level roles

While companies often look inwards when employing managers, there are important requirements candidates need to meet. If you’re working for a company you want to stay with, but you want to make that leap to a management position, an MBA gives you the credible qualifications to apply.

A popular degree: Over 20,000 students in Australia are studying an MBA right now!3


The fast track

2 in 3 part-time MBA alumni say they’ve received more promotions than colleagues who don’t have an MBA.4

You’ll be prepared for:

  • Key management responsibilities
  • Making informed business decisions
  • Leading with a focus on sustainability.


Same role, new capabilities

If you’re already in a position you love, why do an MBA? Griffith’s online coursework and valuable network can give you the foundation to maximise your capabilities and grow further in your current role. You’ll be able to sharpen your knowledge while learning new and important aspects of business. Doing an MBA can also increase your network as you learn alongside people with different backgrounds and experience.


Leading your own business

Ever dreamed of creating your own company? An MBA is the perfect starter kit. The weekly coursework builds the skills necessary to run a business effectively – from setting smart goals in your market to thinking strategically about how you can manage your people and finances.


No matter which direction you’re heading in your career, studying an MBA can open a new world of job opportunities. From first jobs for MBA graduates to upskilling in your industry, you’ll:

  • Be equipped with expert knowledge in running a business
  • Own a credible qualification to boost your portfolio
  • Have a community and network of professionals supporting you.

With Griffith’s 100% online MBA  you can add the highly recognised qualification to your portfolio in just 2 years (part-time). For those without a bachelor's degree our online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration allows for direct entry into the MBA program in just 8 months.

Since March 2015, over 200 students have successfully completed their MBA via our accelerated online mode. Now it’s your turn. Discover more about our online MBA and start planning your next career move today.

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