Apps and other hacks to help you study

You’re about to start an accelerated course compacted into six weeks. It sounds daunting but we know you can do this. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled some apps and hacks to help you study smarter, not harder.

Best apps for online postgraduate students

Cite This for Me: As a postgraduate student, you’ll need to write research papers complete with sources, academic citations and references, and more to the point, you need to reference in the correct format. Cite This for Me is one of the world’s most popular citation tools and gives you instant access to all the information you need to include.

Wunderlist: You’d be lost without a to-do list, especially if you need a separate list for each part of your course, not to mention every aspect of your daily life. Wunderlist runs multiple lists and lets you add notes and deadlines. As it backs up to the cloud, you can refer to your lists on different devices.

Cram: Waiting for a bus? In a doctor’s waiting room? Use that precious downtime to refer to flashcards and revise on the run. Cram is one of the easiest apps to use in this respect, allowing you to quickly create, find and share flashcards.

Instapaper: Reading online material is obviously a huge part of your program. With Instapaper, you can download that material when you’re online and save it to read when you’re offline, giving you greater opportunity to catch up on reading when and where you want to.

Rescue Time: Time management is a constant challenge during your program, and your life. Rescue Time is the app that will let you know where that time goes by tracking how you spend your day, productively or otherwise.


Time-saving, productivity-increasing hacks

These hacks are short and sweet, and when you apply them to your online study and enjoy the benefits, they sweeten the deal even more:

– Copy and paste your essays into free online proofreaders such as Polish My Writing.
– To help you pay attention, pretend you have to teach the material you’re studying.
– Check out books like Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World by Cal Newport.
– Search for academic resources and other scholarly material using Google Scholar instead of plain old Google.
– Devote your focus to the hardest things first. This will make the rest of your day feel so much easier.
– Complete one task before starting another. Switching from one to the other is counter-productive.
– Don’t waste time reading irrelevant material. Ask your course convener or tutor to identify the most important parts of research papers or books.


Most of these hacks and apps are based on common sense. As you start your course, it is reassuring to know you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to study smarter, and that’s why we have every confidence that you can do this!