Connect your upcoming course with your future career


Our postgraduate programs will help you thrive in a diverse range of careers. If you’re hoping to change your current career, some of the topics may initially feel quite foreign to you. Even if you don’t plan on changing your vocation, you may wonder how some of the subjects are relevant to your day job.  

One piece of feedback we continually hear from our students is that they are always surprised about what they take away from each course. Scott was in this camp before starting Accounting for Accountability.  

“I hadn’t studied for over 6 years so I was a little unsure how I would manage Accounting. I did find the first few weeks a little challenging but by week 4, everything started to align. It had more psychology than I was expecting and really enjoyed it”. - Scott, current Accelerated Online MBA student  

Managerial Problem Solving was a new field for Gillian who isn’t required to do much high-level strategic planning in her current role. She was ecstatic when she received her high marks at the end of the teaching period. We asked her what her secret to success was, despite not having a lot of prior knowledge.  

"I really enjoyed the convenor’s teaching style and the podcasts were great. I got lots of very helpful feedback and I dedicated plenty time to digest all the content”. - Gillian current Accelerated Online MBA student. 

Paul doesn’t work in HR but knows that any senior leader needs to have people management skills. He too was happy to receive a great result from the subject People so we asked him advice he’d share with new students.  

“The number one thing that helped me was playing to my strengths. I know I set the bar high for myself and connected the coursework with scenarios that I’ve experienced at work”. - Paul, current Accelerated Online MBA student

It’s impossible for every single subject to be your favourite. We asked Christopher what he did when he had to face a subject that was challenging.  

“Emphasise the marking rubric and understand what the convenor wants to see in your assessments. I also made sure I chipped away at the content on a daily basis. I also had done a few readings before the teaching period commenced”. - Christopher, current Accelerated Online MBA student. 

It’s only natural to feel excited or trepidatious about an upcoming subject. But remember that you never know what you’ll get out of it, so dive in with an open mind and enjoy!