All the ways to connect with your new online program community



There’s a common misconception that connecting with others while completing an online program can be difficult. But here at Griffith University, we’ve embedded social interaction into most aspects of our Accelerated Online MBA. 

Your virtual online learning community is made up of the follow groups who you will be connecting with on a regular basis: 

  • fellow students 
  • convenors and other teaching staff 
  • Student Support Advisors 
  • MBA alumni 
  • other University services. 

Some interactions will be compulsory, while other opportunities will require you to take the initiative to engage.  

Live Online Tutorials 

Each course cohort is diverse in their professional experiences, skills, knowledge, ages, cultures, and the paths they’ve taken to enrol. But one thing you all share is a passion for Business Administration and the importance of professional development. This diversity creates a highly stimulating learning environment so remember to bring your unique perspectives to the table as well. 

The primary time to connect with your cohort will be during the weekly live online tutorials.  

  • Online tutorials are typically scheduled mid-week and are held after hours to allow for maximum participation. 
  • They’re designed to consolidate your learnings and validate your understanding of the assigned weekly readings. 
  • It’s a time to ask questions and explore topics that relate to areas you want to explore further or understand. 

These tutorials will be run via Collaborate Ultra which can be accessed via Learning@Griffith. You can use the platform to communicate using video, chat, shared screens and breakout working groups.  


Discussions and Microsoft Teams 

Learning@Griffith has a Discussion section that lets you provide your views about a topic or reply to a question or a query from a fellow student. A discussion question or topic might: 

  • clarify a key point being made during the week 
  • expand an argument for a broader perspective leading up to an assessment 
  • facilitate a robust discussion to help you consider viewpoints other than your own 
  • be a graded discussion, where you will receive a mark based on your contribution. 

You will also be invited to an exclusive Microsoft Team channel where you can chat with your fellow students and course convenors at any time.  



Your learning environment Learning@Griffith has an internal email function that allows you to direct message other people who are enrolled in a given course or your convenor.  

As a student at Griffith University, you can also search the universities directory and reach out to a specific person via email.  


Study groups 

Many of our students take the initiative to form their own study groups. Whether the team naturally continues connected after a group project wraps up, they live in the same city or simply get along, students really benefit from the support an informal study group can offer.  

What this group looks like is up to you. It can be a group or chat on social media or even a regular catch-up at a local coffee shop.  


Alumni Networks 

Our MBA for Life program was created to ensure all MBA students, both current (once you’ve completed 40 credit points) and alumni can stay connected. The program provides access to relevant business trends and data through regular MBA Director Updates.  

We also provide a suite of events including virtual that run through the year in South East Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney. Each event has an industry speaker present on a topic connected to our MBA core values. 

The whole team at Griffith University can’t wait to meet you over the next couple of months. The old adage holds true online: you only get out what you put in, so be brave and put yourself out there.