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Video transcript – Online MBA Australia

The Griffith MBA. It’s a new kind of MBA.

There are over 15,000 MBA programs around the world.

But only one like this.

What makes the Griffith MBA different to other MBAs in the marketplace – this MBA has a purpose. My name’s Nick Barter. I’m the MBA Director here at Griffith University.

An MBA course anywhere will teach you about accounting, will teach you about marketing, will teach you about strategy, will teach you about people management or economics but not all MBA courses are built the same in terms of what values infuse those teachings.

The core values of the Griffith MBA are focused around responsibility, sustainability and ensuring students have a global orientation.

We want our students to leave our program thinking about their role as business leaders and how they can use their organisations to solve social environmental problems but do so while doing all the things we expect of an organisation, which is providing employment, making good returns.

Throughout its time the Griffith MBA has won numerous awards, most recently it’s been ranked in the top 10 of the Boss Survey of Australian MBAs, it’s received a 5 star ranking by the Graduate Management Association of Australia and it’s won a Green Gown Award for teaching sustainability.

I’d like to think that you could recognise a Griffith MBA Graduate by the fact that they listen more than they talk, but when they did talk, they’d add real value by challenging your assumptions about what business is and what business could be, and in so doing they’d perhaps open up new ways of thinking about business that could be new revenue streams or new products and services.

The thing that excites me most about the Griffith MBA was summed up well by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald, where they wrote that our MBA has heart.

The Griffith MBA. It’s a new kind of MBA.

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